Lover Cosmetics - Brightening Day Cream w/SPF 50

Lover Cosmetics - Brightening Day Cream w/SPF 50

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FREE of parabens | gluten | barley | oats | corn | rye | soy | spelt | wheat | made in the USA | vegan

This lightweight daily moisturizer is an ESSENTIAL and great for all skin types! the broad spectrum protection is made without parabens, hydrating and protecting against sun damage (from UVA and UVB exposure) and premature aging. It also helps prevent discoloration and diminishes existing dark spots.

Clarity complex is a blend of science and nature that helps restore skin’s glow and prevent future damage. With the brightening power of peptides, tyrosinase inhibitors and yeast amino acids for a modern skin tone correcting system. This complex helps:

- prevent discoloration

- diminish existing dark spots

- natural licorice extract helps to prevent hyper-pigmentation

- lotus flower extract helps repair, calm and brighten skin